Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Garden Then and Now

In May I planted this lavender plant.  

I had a pot that needed a plant.  I ran into this lavender plant on sale at the nursery, so into the pot it went.  

In late June I planted this butterfly garden.

At the time I was having a massive animal infestation problem.   And was feeling a big down and frustrated about my garden.   I was hoping these plants would survive.  

Four months later!  I love to see the insects buzzing around every time I visit my garden.

And now I receive daily visits from this guy.  



  1. Love the butterfly garden, but I love the blog name even more. So cute!

  2. Isn't it great how plants fill the spaces! And how cool that you have a hummer visiting your lavender! I have a bunch of the stuff, but never paid enough attention to it to know if I have such cute visitors. I'll have to keep an eye on it next year!

  3. We are big on natural remidies to get rid of unwanted animal friends =-) Jerry Baker has lots of great tidbits if you're interested. So glad though you got to enjoy the fruit of your labor!!

    Thanks for linkin up to Living Life Intentionally Linky Party =-)

  4. Beautiful! I love butterfly gardens...planted my first this year and had a few visits from a cute little hummingbird too. I can't believe you were able you capture a pic of one! :)

  5. Kristie--I held out the camera and just shot over and over again. And I did run back and forth a few times missing him each time. He is actually kinda tame. I think he's use to us at this point.

  6. Your butterfly garden turned out much better than mine did this year!


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